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A Floral River

Poovar is a fishing village located 12 km from Kovalam.

The present Poovar river in Thiruvananthapuram district was known as Neyyar river earlier. The credit for rechristening as Poovar river – the river of flowers – goes to the legendary ruler of Travancore, Maharaja Marthanda Varma.

One day when he was taxed with the issues tying the kingdom he went to a remote village in search of peace to the mind and his journey was ended up in the banks of Neyyar river which has Kovala trees in its banks. The sight of watercourse blanketed with flowers swayed his mind and then and there he re-christined the river Poovar. The village too is known as Poovar thereafter. Poovar is a fishing village located 12 km from Kovalam.

Poovar with golden sandy beach is a favourite spot of tourists – both Indian and international. The picturesque and peaceful Poovar has a distinction which no other tourist joint can claim. It is a place where lake, river, sea and beach meet the land. Water sports facility, seafood availability and beach sunrise and sunset observation in a calm and peaceful ampire is a bonus to the visitors.

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