A God Nabs Thieves

The power of Gods in Kerala

How the god, Mookkenchathan, can recover stolen booty from a thief.

In Athipattam village near Alathur in Palakkad district there is a god called ‘Mookkenchathan’ who is famous to make the thieves fall in line.

The idol of Mookkenchathan was given to the elder Unni of Poomulli Mana (house of Brahmins is called Mana or Illam) by a Mannadiyar community member hailed from Tamil Nadu. He installed it in Mangotkavil Bhagawathy temple owned by the Mana.

If a wood-carved idol of a supposed thief coated with chilly powder paste is presented before the idol of Mookkenchathan (Chathan with large sized nose is called Mookenchathan) or placed in a pit and covered with soil to see, then the thief appears at the place where he looted within few days with the booty.

Mookkenchathan is considered as the guard of Bhagawathy and the power to bring the thieves to sense is shared jointly by Mookkanchathan and Bhagawathy according to the villagers.

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