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A House Turns Serpent Grove

House occupied by Snake Gods

Man builds himself a house and then discovers it is already occupied...

A poor man named Kavalan constructed a small house 30 years ago in Annamanada in Thrissur district. In one room of the house appeared snake-holes and small earth-mounts. Gradually the holes and mounts spread to all rooms. Even after removing the mounts they appeared next morning.

One day Kavalan had seen snakes in dream. The snake holes and mud-mounts had appeared thereafter. Later the entire house was occupied by the hooded snakes.

One day a lady along with a child appeared and told Kavalan that his house is the home of serpent gods and the duo suddenly disappeared.

Kavalan gave his house to the serpents and is now staying in a rented house. Since last 5 years he conducts pooja (adoration) daily. Kavalan died 2 years ago and his son Biju conducts the pooja. Following the death of Kavalan there was no pooja due to death pollution for 3 months. During this period too there were enough snakes here. Many devotees visit the place and offer milk and fruit to the serpents.

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