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A Library with a Different Culture & Motivation

Liberary to give extra knowledge

Chindavedi Library at Velur in Thrissur district is a library distinct from other libraries. Those who take away books from the library have to share their reading experience each time with others present in the library. Such condition nowhere else exists. Public services about government’s welfare schemes, job and exam counseling to students etc are also there from Chindavedi. Training for Public Service Commission tests, study camps for students, balavedi (children’s forum), yuvavedi (youth forum), vanithavedi (women’s forum) also function under the wings of Chindavedi.

Children to aged take away books for reading. Four news papers, ten weeklies/magazines and 4000 books form asset of the library.

Librarian’s duty is performed by members of governing body in rotation as free service.

Library’s location Velur is the place of father Arnos who was a treasure of knowledge.

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