A Life of Crime

Stories and episodes of crime, usually humorous, but not always. Gathered like ripe bananas from the "badlands" of Kerala...

A Marriage Hoodwinker

Police investigate a serial husband.

The police investigate a man who has been married ten times...

A Thief’s Act as Dumb

A thief's impersonation of dumbness

Chain Snatcher Gets His Due

Gold chain thief thwarted

Eye-Witness Daughter

Story of murder and its sole witness

Friends Fallen Apart

Friendship turns to long emnity over a small sum

Hoodwinking by babies

Toddlers in the sweet shop

Two toddlers take to crime in the village ...

Prisoners’ Laterite Stone

Prisoners's Hardwork

Quick Buck Racket

Kidney Transplant Cheat Captured

Kidney fraud

Quick-Rich Way

Jabbar gets caught trying to get rich quickly

Thieves’ Pet Village for Burglary

Sleepless Mararikulam village

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