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A Mana with Rare Features

Surya-Kaladi Man

Surya-Kaladi Mana at Kottayam has more features than a traditional Brahmin house.

The age of Surya-Kaladi Mana (Mana in local language is house of Brahmins) is unknown even to the family members of the Mana. It is however at-least 200 years old assuming from the fact that Swati Thirunal lived 200 years ago used to visit the place according to a family member.

The Mana located on the banks of Meenachil river is a Naalukettu (four sides structured with a courtyard in centre) with 45 rooms including aras (underground rooms), vallappuras (storage structure for country-boats) and kulappuras (structures for bathing on the banks of pond) and an underpass to the Meenachil river from a room. The more interesting is that there is a well with pure water inside the kitchen. Any other Mana with such features is just impossible to find in Kerala.


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