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A Marriage Hoodwinker

Police investigate a serial husband.

The police investigate a man who has been married ten times...

A marriage swindler is in police hands. Puthiyaveettil Haneefa, 38, of Chalingad in Thrissur district has over 10 marriages to his discredit. He marries and decamps with the gold ornaments of the wife to surface in a different place in the State and marry again. This heinous crime is committed after making them unconscious after administering drugs. This has been going on for years. In the case of two wives he not only took away the ornaments but also sold their kidney!

He was nabbed the other day in Kozhikode (Calicut) following a complaint lodged by one of the girls he dodged. When he was brought to Chalingad, the village witnessed an unparallel scene of son of 38 years and father meeting for the first time in life. When Haneefa was in mother’s womb his father had left the home and had returned only recently. Perhaps the relation of father and son explains his misbehaviour?

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