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A Mega Festival Feast

Th scale of Guruvayur festival revealed

Discover the scale of kitchen preparations for the 10 day Guruvayur festival!

If you are not amazed on hearing a mega kitchen ingredients for a mega feast then please hear. The place is Guruvayur temple in Thrissur district. The event is 10-day long festival and the Ulsava Kanji (festival rice gruel) and feast starting from the second day of festival and ending with Aarattu, the penultimate day of the festival.

For morning rice gruel, 3500 kg boiled rice and for evening meal 4500 kg of costlier Basmati rice go into preparation. For the 8th day Puzhukku (vegetable preparation without gravy); and Kaalan (curd curry) 2500 kgs of crystal salt is used which is the practice followed from older days. 140 kg of dried red chilly, 100 kg of mustard, 75 kg of curry leaves and 350 kg of salt powder (for serving in plantain leaf) are used. Pappad used is 9000 kg and 7000 kg of coconut oil is used to fry it.

For Kaalan preparation the curd used is 25000 kg and for vegetable ingredients for it used are 1300 kg of Mathen (pumpkin), 10000 kg of Ilavan (tender ash gourd) and 2500 kg of Vellarika (a variety of pumpkin).

Other items used are as follows coconut 13000, jaggery 5000 kg, plantain leaf 28000, and the fuel-wood used is 1.5 lakh kg of tamarind wood.

In the kitchen above 100 persons sweated to get the food prepared.

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