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A Pavement Second-hand Book Vendor Turns Author

Vendor Turns Author

A Samnad, 27, a 7th standard dropout of Thiruvananthapuram came to Thrissur a decade ago to help his father selling old books in footpath. Samnad is now selling old books in the pavement opposite Kerala Sahitya Academy in Palace Road. Though he is a school dropout he is a voracious reader. In times of no-customer to deal with he spends time reading books which include poems of noted writers like O N V Kurup and Madhusoodanan Nair.

His keen interest in reading was noticed by Academy employee E D Davis who prevailed upon him to attempt writing. Encouraged by his advice Samnad attempted writing. His initial writing was of poems. He has already published a book of poems titled ‘Episode’ in which there are 20 poems. This book was released by noted writer Vaisakhan by handing over a copy to his parents. This was 3 years ago. He is in the workshop of writing a novel titled ‘Beeran Bithacha Bithu’. Only some editing is remaining before it goes to press.

The role of writers visiting Kerala Sahitya Academy is not small in making Samnad a writer. They spotted his talent and encouraged to write, he recalls.

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