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A Soul Becomes God

Brahmin Crime from the ancient past

A story about the origins of a Kakkathipennu deity in a village.

Near Changanassery in Pathanamthitta district there was an Illam (house of Brahmins) named Othillam. Here the housemaid girl belonged to a backward community called ‘Kakkalan’. The housemaid and a youth of the Illam were in deep love and she carried pregnancy. If this matter leaked out the Brahmin family would be ostracized by other Brahmin families in line with the system prevailing then. To overcome this grave problem the elder of the family decided to take the life of the housemaid girl. He killed her and burned the body to ashes clandestinely. This heinous act was strongly opposed by a girl in the Illam and threatened to let the crime know outside the Illam. The elder killed her too and burned the body so as to preserve the dignity of the family.

After the death of the maid the villagers, particularly Illam inmates, began to be haunted. The perplexed villagers conducted an omen. The priest who conducted the omen detected the cause of hardships is due to the curse of a Kakkathipennu (female of Kakkalan community is called Kakkathipennu).

A priest from Vazhapilly family invoked the evil spirits of the Kakkathipennu and stored her soul in her engraved figure in a jack timber and installed it in the nearby Kannampally Devi temple. Thereafter the evil effects of the evil spirits of Kakkathipennu were not felt in the village.

The Kakkathipennu deity is pleased if she gets dhoti, glass-bangles, ear-studs, betel leaves, tobacco and areca-nut as offerings from the devotees. She will particulary fulfill all wishes of pregnant. The devotees have to tell their wishes in her left ear. The deity is considered as an almighty by the Kakkalan community. The villagers have countless examples of her benevolence to tell. The deity has 600 years of standing.

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