A Sudden Catastrophe

Incident with Bus

The sad story of Lajitha after she tried to protect her son.

A woman, Lajitha, 29, hailing from a daily wage earner family and her school going son boarded a private bus plying between Adattu and Thrissur. The conductor ordered the boy to get down as he was in uniform (students have to pay only nominal fare). The boy obeyed the order and got down. On seeing the scene of son getting down, Lajitha asked the driver to stop the bus in motion for getting down. Driver did not oblige and took the bus forward. She jumped from the bus and felled down. A back wheel of the bus rolled over her legs. Hospitalized Lajitha subjected to the amputation of left leg from above knee. Right leg is on treatment and observation the amputation of it too cannot be ruled out, doctors said.

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