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A Suicide-Loved Village

Suicide village

Suicide village is the nomenclature of Nooranad in Alappuzha district. Nooranad is a boundary village touching both Pathanamthitta and Kollam districts. Here the suicide is as common as weekly or bi-weekly. Suicide rate in Nooranad is the highest amongst Asian countries. Alcohol is the villain of suicide here. 90 per cent of the suicides are by consuming pesticides or insecticides kept in almost all houses for agriculture management purpose. The remaining 10 per cent is caused by hanging. Females outnumber males in the matter of suicide. Only a slight provocation is enough for suicide. Males and females are in competition mode in the matter of drinking. When the wage earner comes home legs up at the cost of family’s routine needs questioning by others in the family follows as natural. This is enough reason for a suicide in Nooranad.

90 per cent of the complaints Nooranad police receive is about alcohol related. Most of the complaints received are afternoons. If the police attend to one complaint they will receive another of a suicide. This is routine in Nooranad

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