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A Teacher Swims Across a River to Reach School

Teacher swims to School

Maths teacher swims to school every day to save time, avoid fare and not be impacted by hartal.

Mathematics teacher A T Abdul Malik of AMLP School, Padinjattumuri near Manjeri in Malappuram district is fascinated in swimming 50 metre width Kadalundipuzha on all working days. Not only fascination he saves an hour and rupees 30 daily in bus fare and ensures absent-free attendance in the school even during hartal and strike days.

If he did not venture to swim the river he has to board two buses and walk two kilometres to reach the school which takes well over one hour whereas swim mode takes only 30 minutes from home to school.

For swimming he has the aid of an inflated car tyre-tube which he keeps in a house on the river banks. While swimming he wraps his dress and personal belonging in a polythene cover and holds the same in the left hand aloof water.

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