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A Thief’s Act as Dumb

A thief's impersonation of dumbness

A thief entered the office of the Principal of Vizhikkithode RVG Higher Secondary School, near Kanjirapilly after smashing the door around midnight. He searched in all ‘almarahs’ and tables for valuables and cash. Nothing of the sort was there. The disappointed thief laid his hand on a telephone index book found there and telephoned to the mobiles phones of three teachers for a time pass from the school phone. As it was night nobody attended the phone.

In the morning when they woke-up they screened for missed calls. Noticing the school number they phoned to the teachers nearby and came together to the school. A man was sleeping on the veranda and the door of the Principal’s office broken opened, they noticed. Police and villagers gathered. Meanwhile the thief had awaken and attempted to ran away but gatherings held him in custody. He acted dumb. In police station too he acted dumb and gave his name and address in writing and behaved as if he is unwell, and collapsed. Police made a thorough investigation at the address given by him. What he had given was a wrong name and correct address. Police investigation proved he is not dumb and has involved in more than 30 theft cases. He had come out from jail only few days back.

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