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A Village of Government Employees

Govt. Employees Village

Marayimuttam village in Thiruvananthapuram is distinct from other villages. Believe it or not, here all eligible persons are government employees. The village is known as a village of government employees. This achievement is attained through collective efforts and un-stinting cooperation among the villagers. Here there is an organization called ‘Anamrutha’. Under the banner of Anamrutha the youngsters assemble every day at around 6.30 pm in the spacious court-yard-cum play ground of government higher secondary school. They discuss all the subjects under the sun and exchange valuable information. PSC exams and government vacancies take center stage in the discussions. Based on this, eligible candidates send applications.

The school ground is also utilized by them to play as well. And they have a system of taking oath to do social work in the village. Their social work in a sense is a help to each other in almost all spheres including house chores. Public service is of-course top on their agenda   Marayimuttam village has become a role model for others.

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