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An Abandoned Girl Get Mother Back

Daughter finds mother after 46 years, next father...

Alphonsa is on her second mission of find her father.

Alphonsa gets mother after 46 years. Alphonsa’s mother had abandoned her at the age of 2.5.

Her mother Marry of a high-range village in Kannur conceived illicitly. The relatives sent her to Kozhikode with Rs 50 with an advice to live somehow there. She rescued herself in the government hospital in Kozhikode. A doctor there helped her to stay in an Ashramam (destitute home) where she delivered Alphonsa. She was there till the age of 1.5. Afterwards she was shifted to St Vincent Home where she stayed for one year. During this period family members of Marry arranged her marriage forcibly as she was not willing to leave Alphonsa. In the marriage Marry has 6 children. One day she explained to the sixth child whom Marry had named Alphonsa in memory of the abandoned Alphonsa the story of Alphonsa.

The youngest daughter of Marry happened to read Alphonsa story in a vernacular newspaper and she contacted the newspaper office which paved the way for Alphonsa getting her mother back. She reached Marry’s home at Kannur. She shared her love for the mother with the feeding of a cake piece to the mother.

All the six children of Marry from the marriage accepted Alphonsa her elder sister. The next Christmas will be celebrated by all together.

Alphonsa is on her second mission of find her father.

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