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An Unnatural Ambition

An Unnatural Ambition

Rema of Nannatkadavu village near Pothankode in Thiruvananthapuram had a life ambition to give birth to 5 siblings at a time. Her ambition was fulfilled on 18 November 1995 when she delivered one male and 4 female infants.

The consultant gynecologist divulged after seeing the scan report that she is carrying 5 babies. She was overwhelmed by the disclosure. But her husband Premkumar wore a gloomy look. After a week he told Rema that “we need not more than one child” and prevailed upon her to undergo abortion. For Rema it was a shock. She said under no circumstances she will go for abortion and that delivering 5 infants at a time is her life ambition. The different postures put a crack in their life and as a natural course, in such situation, family peace was lost. The wickedness of the children gradually melted away the displeasure of Premkumar.

Premkumar who was running a grocery-cum-bakery store landed in financial difficulties due to soaring medical expenses of the children and Rema who is a heart patient with multiple blocks. For a month or so he did not open the shop. One day a fine morning he left home for opening the shop. He did not return home in the usual time at night. After enquiries by neighbours and relatives his body was found in a vacant compound some distance away from their house. Close to the body an empty bottle and a glass tumbler were there.

Rema struggled to grow the children. All the five have passed plus two with good marks.   They are longing for higher study. The five is on five directions, if one is for medical, others are for IPC, Engineering, IT and Civil Service. Even amidst the financial hardships Rema is on a firm determination to fulfill the wishes of her children

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