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Ayurveda Ambassador’s Stop at London

'Vayaskara' is wellknow in London

Suraj Varma of Vayaskara Illam in Kottayam, a leading ayurvedic practitioner in England has now become the ambassador of the ancient system of medicine in England. He has a vast accredited clientele in England including noted cine actors, singers and directors.

He has the back up of generations old ayurvedic tradition of his family. His dream project is to start a treatment centre in Harley Street, London under the title of ‘Vayaskara’, his family name. Harley Street is dotted with clinics of renowned specialists in medicine and surgery.

After becoming a qualified practitioner he has worked in Class I spas in UK and other places overseas. His method of treatment is a combination of traditional ayurveda therapies with western techniques such as aroma therapy, hot-stone therapy and lymphatic drainage.

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