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Birth Star Plants Garden

Close to famous elelphant kraal at Kodanad in Ernakulam district a birth star plants garden, as per the Malayalam astrological calendar,

Close to famous elelphant kraal at Kodanad in Ernakulam district a birth star plants garden, as per the Malayalam astrological calendar, is coming up as part of larger arboretum under Abhayaranyam project shaped as new tourists attractions within the 134 hecture Kaprikkad reserve forests.

Under phase II of the project an orchidarium, fermirium, bamboosetum, herbal garden, wild edible fruit trees garden and a childrens park will also come up.

 The first part of the Abhayaranyam comprises a mini zoo, birth star plants garden and animal rescue centre.

The star plants garden will comprise of 27 trees linked to all the 27 stars in Malayalam astrology in the following order:

  1. Star                                   Local Name                           Common Name


  1. Aswathi                          Kanjiram                                   Nuxvomica
  2. Bharani                             Nelli                                         Gooseberry
  3. Karthika                           Athi                                         Cluster fig
  4. Rohini                              Njaaval                                     Jamun
  5. Makayiram                       Karingali                                 Cutch
  6. Thiruvathira                       Kumbil                                     Cashmere
  7. Punartham                        Mula                                         Bamboo
  8. Pooyam                             Arayaal                                     Sacred fig
  9. Ayilyam                           Naagappoo                               Ironwood
  10. Makam                            Peraal                                       Banyan
  11. Pooram                             Chamatha                                 Flame of forest
  12. Uthram                             Ithi                                           Indian laurel
  13. Atham                               Ambazham                               Hogplum
  14. Chithira                             Koovalam                                 Beal
  15. Chothi                               Neermarutha                           Arjuna
  16. Vishakham                       Vayyamgatha                           Governor’s plum
  17. Anizham                           Elanji                                         Bulletwood
  18. Thrikketta                         Pachotti                                    Bodh
  19. Moolam                             Vellappayin                               White dammar
  20. Pooradam                         Samudrakkaya                           Fish poison
  21. Uthradam                         Plaavu                                      Jack
  22. Thiruvonam                       Erukku                                       Milk weed
  23. Avittam                             Vahini                                       Indian gum
  24. Chathayam                       Kadambu                                  Kadamb
  25. Pooruttathi                       Maavu                                       Mango tree
  26. Uthrattathi                       Aaryaveppu                               Neem
  27. Revathi                             Iruppa                                        Butter

The wild edible f ruit garden will have 67 trees from 26 familes, medicinal plant garden 101 plants from 42 families, herbal garden 117 plants from 29 families, orchidarium 67 plants from 60 families and bamboostem will have 75 varieties.

The arboretm will have trees under evergreen, deciduous and mangrove categories. The evergreen will have 101 trees from 36 familes, deciduous will have 118 trees from 37 families and mangrove 11 trees from six families.

The project altogther will be great attraction to the tourists.

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