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Bottled Cow Urine on Sale

Bio Farming with Cow Urine

Veterinary University of Kerala has started marketing cow urine in 5-litre bottle as well as loose. The price is Rs 5 per litre. To get it advance booking is necessary. Cow population of the University is enough to meet the demand. The urine is available from the sales and information center of the University located at Pookkode near Kelpetta in Wayanad district. Instructions for use are printed on the bottle.

As more people are turning to bio-farming the university anticipates good demand, especially from urban areas where cow breeding is far less. Cow urine has twin requirement as bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide. The day’s first discharge of the urine is collected as it more qualitative. Urine is collected only from local variety of cows.

‘Panchagavyam’ a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung which is a concentrate of bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide is also on sale at the rate of Rs 50 per litre.

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