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Bride Runs Away with Lover On Marriage-eve Night...

Bride Runs Away with Lover On Marriage-eve Night, Groom Weds Another Girl Within 12-Hour

The marriage fixed was between Vadakkekad Kochannur Kesavathparambil Shakeer and Kechery Pattikkara residing girl. Immediately on getting bride missing news the family of the groom rapidly went in search of a girl. By noon their mission was successful and within 4 hours marriage took place.

Vadakkekad Ellurakayil Moidutty’s daughter Bushara is the bride. She was on travel with her mother to a friend’s house at Thrissur when she received a message on mobile that a boy and his family members are coming to put marriage proposal. Suddenly mother and daughter alighted from the bus and hired a cab to the house. Boy and girl agreed each other and their families concurred with their decision. Relatives and well-wishers put in their hard work to get the marriage through within two hours thereafter. Being a Sunday all gold ornament shops were closed. A shop owner was persuaded to open the shop and make available ornaments.

The only disappointment of Bushara’s family is that they could not arrange a wedding feast to all relatives and well wishers. As a way out, a sumptuous feast would be arranged within few days for all relatives, neighbours and well-wishers.

Shakeer can happily return to Kuwait where he is working on completion of his 45 days leave.

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