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Bus Charge Broker

The story of Balan, the bus charge broker.

The middle aged Balan initially took up the profession of masonry.  He learned the ABC of the work from his brother-in-law and prematurely jumped on to the works independently following quarrel with the brother-in-law.  The bad workmanship pushed him out from the field of mason works within three months.

The jobless Balan discovered a novel idea.   He fitted himself into the shirt of a marriage broker.  To have a professional look he purchased a diary and fitted on to his left arm-pit.  He managed to collect few addresses of boys and girls with marriage age and started visiting their houses.  In each place he said there are good proposals.  At the end of the talk he demanded bus charge to go to the boy’s or girl’s house.  From most of the houses he managed to get Rs 50 or at the most Rs 100.  His motive was to gain petty sums in the name of conveyance and never worked sincerely to materialize a marriage.  In the process he earned a nick name “bus charge broker.”  

In his career of 30 years of brokering, only two marriages have been materialized.  One of them ended in a dispute about the percentage of brokerage.  He complained to marriage brokers’ union and the leaders of the union picked up a quarrel with the girl’s parents.  The news of union intervention was spread in the far and near villages and the people stopped entrusting him the brokering job.  He himself dried up his only income channel.

Still, he moves with an old diary in his arm-pit. 

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