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Cars & Two-wheelers Rule Kochi Roads

Cars and Bike Ratio go higher

Cars and two-wheelers together occupied 73% of Kochi roads while the passengers they carried are just 23%.  Cars occupy 38% of the road against 15% passengers.  Two-wheelers occupy 35% space as against 8% passengers.  Auto-rikshaws shared 13% of the road while carried 5% passengers only.  As against all this, bus occupied just 14% road space, that is, just 1% more of auto-rikshaws, but carried 73% of passengers.  Car population in the district from August 2007 to August-end 2012 is 1,19,024 while the two wheeler population is 3,17,420.

The statistics shown above underline the need of giving importance to bulk-carrying transport system.

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