Cheated Charity

Sometime charity makes dismay

Amidst a temple festival three youngsters went to their relative’s house some 10 km away from there homes near to the temple in an autorikshaw. All the three were under over-influence of alcohol. Driving seat of the auto was per force taken over by one them. The over-sped auto overturned in a curve killing one out of three on the spot. Other two suffered multiple injuries. The more serious one hailing from a poor family needed immediate surgery. As they have no money the villagers decided to approach every house around their house for help. Fourth house approached was of a Gulf returnee with philanthropic mind. He offered to foot the entire bill amount of surgery which was to be about rupees 20,000 on a condition no donation should be further accepted from anybody. He gave cash on the spot. The donation collectors overtly however collected money from few others which the donor of rupees 20000 came to know lately. He shared his dismay with few friends and opined in future he will have second thought in such instances.

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