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Courageous Woman Cut Into Male Domain

Rukhiya - The Smart Girl

Chundal near Wayanad can be proud of having a woman butcher and that too a Muslim woman. Probably she has no counterpart in Kerala State. She is Rukhiya, now on 53. She owns a beef stall in the local Chundal market. She is in the trade from the age of 23. Circumstances forced her to embrace this vocation. Her father died at her tender age of 10 leaving behind 9 children and wife. Rukhiya was 5th child. She shouldered the burden of earning bread for the family.

Her life started as a cattle girl in an estate. The meager wage she earned was not enough to meet the ends. After a careful thought she decided to start a small meet stall as she knew it is profitable. Suddenly criticism from all corners including relatives rose. They were of the view that this profession is meant for men only. She boldly withstood all criticism.

She is an expert in the profession. In couple of minutes she removes skin from huge flesh. slicing to small pieces and packing to the customer takes no time. An onlooker will amaze at her quick action.

She is now a happy woman. Income from the profession enabled her to marry off her six sisters, buy four-acre coffee estate and build a large house. When it comes to her own marriage she stoutly say no as she is not willing to be anchored in household chores. Once, her courage was experienced by a man. He misbehaved with women traveling in a bus. She pulled out the man from the bus and thrashed on his face with a warning not to repeat again anywhere. That is Rukhiya.

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