Customs Old & New

A few modern ideas land up in the village...

A Bold Resistance

An End to Caste Custom

Two women employees of Annapoorneswari Temple at Cherukunnu in Kannur district have become heroines in the eyes of public in Kerala

A Centenarian Snake-bite Curer

102 years old man treats snake bite victims

From symptoms he identifies the type of snake

A day in the village

Ancient Lifestyles changing..

From a distance, the village life in Kerala appears simple, idyllic and unchanging over the last hundred years. But if you observe closely you will see that the cycle of change have hit the villages too.

A God Nabs Thieves

The power of Gods in Kerala

How the god, Mookkenchathan, can recover stolen booty from a thief.

A House Turns Serpent Grove

House occupied by Snake Gods

Man builds himself a house and then discovers it is already occupied...

A Mega Festival Feast

Th scale of Guruvayur festival revealed

Discover the scale of kitchen preparations for the 10 day Guruvayur festival!

A Soul Becomes God

Brahmin Crime from the ancient past

A story about the origins of a Kakkathipennu deity in a village.

A Village of Government Employees

Govt. Employees Village

Blind - Faith Disaster

Too much confidence in oracles!

The confidence in oracles and soothsayers

Indian Family Structures

How a traditional Indian family is structured

Understanding the structure of the Indian family

Nangeli – The Brave of Cherthala

The taxes levied in the past

Nangeli’s is not a fairy tale but an actual incident that took place in the black rule of erstwhile Travancore kingdom in the early 19th century.

Nokkukooli Menace

Stop staring, will you!

Reformed Tradition

Karkkida Vavu

The Luck Blossomed on Fingers

Many in Kerala had advanced their delivery to 12-12-12 with the help of scissors.

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