Dentist Dons the Cap of Newspaper Boy

Dentist take the role of Newspaper boy

Dentist Asokan S of Pattathanam in Kollam district is a crazy newspaper reader, especially in early morning. He played the role of newspaper boy alongside dentistry practicing about two years ago. His practice is in Paripally which is about 15 km away from his house. He used to leave the residence at 8 am. Newspaper stopped getting before this time. When he complained to the agent he cited the reason of not getting boys for delivery and that he himself is cycle-delivering to all places which the doctor does know well.

This was a turning point in his life to wear the cap of a news paper boy. In the beginning he collected only his own newspapers from the agent during his morning walk to read before he goes to the clinic. Later he decided to collect and deliver the papers to his neighbours too as they are facing same problem as he faced. Since last two years he distributes around 90 newspapers amongst the neighbours without accepting any remuneration from the agent. It has now become a passion for him. He fails very rarely in his task. Whenever he has to attend a seminar or an emergency case there may be abstention of delivery. That is all.

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