Ex-industrialist Lives in Cattle-shed

From hero to zero

From Industry to Cattle shed

K Sankarankutty, 72, of Vallachira in Thrissur district was once a successful industrialist. His unit manufacturing plastic pipes, toys, brushes etc had over 100 employees. The products were exported and sold within India. All this was 50 years ago. For the last 13 years his home is a cattle-shed where he rears cows and meet his bare needs from the income of milk. He collects ayurvedic medicinal plants from various locations and sells to shops to augment his income.

During the flourishing business period he had in his possession costly cars and a posh house with many modern household and entertainment equipments plus enough landed property. Such a person is now staying in a corner of the cow shed along with cows for the last 13 years. During this monsoon cattle shed was collapsed following which in the night he now sleeps in a shop veranda.

He has everybody including children, but nobody is there to take his care.

Following raids in the company his mother compelled him to stop the business and it was accordingly he pulled down the shutters of his unit.

This aged poor man is now fighting a case in court to establish 30 cents of land standing in his name is his own.

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