Family Bonds

Family is often the catalyst for drama in our village. Sometimes it becomes high drama, bit most often it is a form of comic drama where the rest of the village laughs at the protagonists. Rarely does long term tragedy ensue...

Firm Resolve Pays Off

Despite hardship, hard work pays off

Hard works pay off to the surprise of his fellow villagers.

A Gem From A Slum

Her strength and knowledge were gained from the daily reading of a newspaper.

A Marriage Hoodwinker

Police investigate a serial husband.

The police investigate a man who has been married ten times...

A Mother’s Bonding with Children

The family being very poor, fund for hospital expenses is being raised through public contributions at the initiatives of Sinoj’s friends and well-wishers.

A Rare Togetherness

A Rare Togetherness

A Relieved Mother

Mother struggles to survive after death of husband


Remembering my Ammama (grandmother)

An Abandoned Girl Get Mother Back

Daughter finds mother after 46 years, next father...

Alphonsa is on her second mission of find her father.

An Unnatural Ambition

An Unnatural Ambition

Family Harmony Killer

Impact of Alcohol

Keralite love for alcohol seen in how they queue...

Ideal Family

Illiteracy causes no issues in family

Illiteracy turns out to be trouble-free in this poor family.

In - Law's Harrassment

A wife commits suicide

Lazy Vulcanizer

Vulcanizer does nothing

Neighbour down road does nothing - how do they survive?

Males Un-reigning Home

Males in the family disappear

The men keep disappearing and nobody knows why.

Money Consideration Weakens Family Bond

The impact of money on three brothers

How money came between three brothers...

Mother Divested of Fund Management

Mother loses control of family funds

No Concern for Family

Ravi flaunts his Gulf wealth

Gulf worker flaunts his new found Gulf wealth but not to family.

Non-Alert Mother

Mother makes too much allowance for her son.

Over-Lording Wife

A henpecked husband

Selfish Son

Selfish son is taught a lesson!

Selfish son gets his come-uppance from elder brother

Spineless Son

A son ignores woes of elderly mother.

Toothpaste Brings Divorce

Toothpaste War spells the end!

One likes salty toothpaste and other likes mint flavoured tooth paste

Venomous Aunt

Deceit stops aunt from ruining feast

Aunt is not invited to wedding feast...

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