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Film-star Addict Aniruddhan

Keeping the memory of Jayan alive

Aniruddhan of Kannamali house in Ernakulam is a ‘Jayanmania’. Late Jayan (his actual name was Krishnan Nair) was an upcoming daring film actor. He was an action hero, never using dupes. His painful end was following a fall from helicopter during a film shoot. The tragedy was on 1980 November 16 while ‘Kolilakkam’ cinema was shooting. Aniruddhan did not eat or drink anything for three days after his death.

Aniruddhan has seen almost all Jayan acted films, to be precise 123 out of 125. His punching dialogues and daring actions thrilled Aniruddhan, he says and adds there is none in the film world like Jayan.

He says very often Jayan appears before him in dream and pacifies. Once, he was shivering in fever. Jayan appeared and told him don’t worry you will be free of fever. To his utter surprise, fever receded before the very next morning without consuming any medicine.

He is educated and a government employee, working in a judicial court in Perumbavur in Ernakulam district.

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