Friends Fallen Apart

Friendship turns to long emnity over a small sum

George and Hameed of a same village were composite mill workers in Mumbai.  George managed to get Visa for Bahrain for working as driver in a quasi-government establishment.  Both were close and thick friends.  Soon, George arranged a Visa and work permit for Hameed.  All the expenses were born by George.  In spite of working 7 years in Bahrain, Hameed did not pay the Visa cost.

Age-bar caused the termination of George’s services in Bahrain.  Hameed too returned to the village as the salary was not enough to keep surplus.  Before his return, a portion of the amount due to George was entrusted by his wife to George’s wife in the village.  Even though both met 3 or 4 days daily, each passed by looking in other directions.

George’s additional qualification is as a habitual alcohol consumer.  When George went along with few others to Hameed’s house for collection of contribution for a public cause, George who was under the influence of alcohol verbally abused Hameed.  Others present intervened and calmed both.

Two days after the incidence, Hameed saw George sitting in a house nearby around 9 in the night.  Hameed and his two sons – one adolescent and the other a boy of 8 years – laid in wait with knives in hands in street-side in dark and pounced on George when he came out.  He was brutally injured and he could not do anything as he was in level-less condition.  Hameed and his family went hiding the very night fearing counter-attack by relatives of George.

The incidence became a police case following the hospitalization of George.  Hameed too got hospitalized in a distant place to have a counter-case as per the advice of an advocate.

The case prolonged for 7 years.  Ultimately, case and counter-case were dismissed.

Even though the case was dismissed, George was waiting for a lonely counter-attack by self.  The destiny failed him in the task as the death took him prematurely.  Both the families are still in enmity.

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