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Hotel Food Dependents Beware

Out of 137 samples tested 30 were having the presence of E coli.

Konni based Food Quality Monitoring Laboratory in Kerala has found high presence of Escherichia or say E coli bacteria in food bought from hotels/restaurants in Kerala.

About 40 varieties of food such as chicken biriyani, fish curry, beef curry, raitha, parotta, green salad, chappathi, sandwich, meatroll, clutlet, burger, puffs, pizza, samosa, sukeen, vada, cream bun, sweet puffs, pastry, jam roll, neyyappam, banana puffs, jilebi, cupcake, masala dosa, sambar and white chutney were purchased and tested between September 2011and May 2013.

Out of 137 samples tested 30 were having the presence of E coli. In most of the samples of green salad, chicken biriyani and white chutney contained E coli and that too in high level.

Presence of E coli indicates contamination with faecal matter of human or animal origin. It can also be due to poor hygiene and poor sanitation or inadequate heat treatment or due to cross contamination by insects and rodents according to Grace Baby who presented the report.

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