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Hurt Mother

More problems between sons and mothers

Bhargavi has 3 sons.  The elder is in Gulf earning a six figure salary.  Second son is somewhere else in Kerala in employment.  The younger son, a government employee, with his wife and child stays with mother.  His wife who is also an employee often crosses sword with his mother.  Mother is looking after their child when both go for work.  The increased intolerable acts of his wife towards his mother forced the mother to tell that she will not look after their child any more.  The infuriated son retorted he cannot look after her any more.  The frightened mother phoned to the elder son and narrated what his younger son has said.  The shaken son from Gulf telephoned to the younger one and said if he cannot look after mother he has to vacate the house immediately.  The house was built by elder son.  As there was no way out, the younger son and family vacated the house and they are staying in a rented house 7 km away.  Mother is alone at home now.

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