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Joshi’s Helpline

Joshi took a solemn oath before himself not to drink any more

Joshi of Ollur, the outskirt of Thrissur city, is on a noble mission. He picks up inebriated people lying in the road or pavements in and around Thrissur city and carries them to their home in his own vehicle. All this is done as a free service.

He does this noble work as a solace to his father who was a drunkard and often found in streets lying hands and legs scattered.

Joshi too had the habit of drinking though not to the extent of inebriation till few years back. He took a solemn oath before himself not to drink any more. Since then concentrated on helping the drunkards found crumbled in the roads or pavements. Wherever hospitalization is needed he takes them to hospital and informs their family.

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