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Kerala Nurses in Demand All Over

Kerala Nuses

In terms of dedication, proficiency, knowledge and punctuality there is nobody in the world to compete Kerala or say Malayali nurses. This is said by none from Kerala but many from outside Kerala including overseas.

More than 100 nursing colleges and many other institutions in Kerala produce hundreds of nurses every year. In neighbouring States too nursing colleges and institutions have mushroomed with an eye on Kerala students. As the upcoming nursing aspirants in Kerala are more than the load Kerala institutions can hold these institutions are mainly filled by students from Kerala. In Kerala nursing profession is pursued devotionally and keenly than any other place in India.

In all India level in every hospital majority of the nurses are Kerala origin. 20 years, statistics spoke of 95% Malayali nurses in hospitals in India outside Kerala. Presently it might have come down to 90% and not more.

Lately, boys in Kerala have shown great interest to pursue nursing profession. About 25 years ago hardly any male nurse was produced in Kerala.

Kerala nurses are winged to all over world where too their services are well applauded. Middle East and European countries are best openings for Kerala nurses. From Central Travancore in Kerala probably every household has nurse working overseas. Couple nurses working abroad are a common feature.

Most of the graduate nurses complete their course with bank loans. Low paid jobs are far from enough to meet their loan commitment and family needs. This is one of the reasons nurses opting for overseas jobs where the wage is better than in India.

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