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Kerala Youth Think Politics Dirty

Youth Politics

The present day youth of Kerala are a transformed lot. In yesteryears they were fascinated by politics. Now, they turn their back to politics. This trend is more visible amongst educated youth.

Youth of Kerala have now realized their career or life is not to be sacrificed for the sake of politics. They simply refuse to be stoned, beaten up, maimed or even killed because of aligning in politics. For them the present day politics is mired in scams, scandals, vilification and murders.

Revathy an MCA holder and one time staunch worker of the student wing of a political party suffered thrashing by members of a rival student union. She now solemnly affirms no more to politics. B Tech passed Sajith of Thrissur says politics is a cowardly affair. Many youth and students regret they wasted their precise time in politics. Many of the youth believe they were misguided to politics by the greedy politicians and affirm to keep away from them.

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