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Kitchen Upgrading Craze

Expensive Kitchens

In Kerala kitchen appliances have turned to be the saviour of consumer durables makers who are heeling under the pressure of recession. While the market for consumer durables as a whole is in a static condition, kitchen appliances market trend in the State is on a growth mode of 20-25 per cent. Of late, people here are crazy of kitchen modification. They lavishly spend on kitchen chimney and hob. Chimney costs Rs 6000-30000 while the hob cost is Rs 4000-30000;. There is no differentiation between urban and rural people in the spending spree. A decade or so ago such a tendency was foreign to the Keralites. The growth rate of chimney and hob in Kerala is 50 per cent.

The Onam market alone of kitchen appliances in the State is around 300 crores. The manufacturers and dealers have positioned well prepared on the eve of Onam to lure the customers with various incentive offers.

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