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Luring Praise

how to buy fish cheaply from Sankaran

Sankaran aged over 60 is a part time fresh water fish trapper.  Mainly he does the work of coconut de-husking for the dealers.  His catch of fish is mainly ‘varal’, a tasty variety which fetches high price.

He catches the fish before noon and goes for sale afternoon.  He will not go to the market for sale.  Instead, he visits certain households mostly Gulf income earners he believes might be interested to buy at the unreasonable price he quotes.  Many Gulf earners easily get into his trap.  Almost all such earners get into the trap knowingly as they want to enter the good book of Sankaran to have cost-free publicity of their largesse at the hands of Sankaran.

Sankaran has however a weakness of being elated on showering praise on himself.  Many non-Gulfers who know the weakness of Sankaran adopt this technique to get the fish at cheap price.  He rises on hearing the praise and gives the stuff at the counter-quoted cheap price which is often 1/3rd of the quoted price.                              

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