Making Ends Meet

Too frequently the start of a tale is poverty and the impact that poverty can have on families and individuals...

A day in the village

Ancient Lifestyles changing..

From a distance, the village life in Kerala appears simple, idyllic and unchanging over the last hundred years. But if you observe closely you will see that the cycle of change have hit the villages too.

A Five Star Experience

The costs of staying in a five star hotel

A Porotta Mistress

How a woman learnt to make Parattas

She learned the art of porotta making from her husband Devadasan who has worked as a chef in restaurants

A Village of Government Employees

Govt. Employees Village

Agriculture Labour

the life of the agricultural worker in Kerala

An Unusual Hartal Experience

Innovative way to break the hartal

Anthonyettan’s Mobile Bakery

Baker uses Kavu to sell his home-baked bread

His earning from the 43 years toiled business is a small house on 2.5 cents of land.

Bus Charge Broker

The story of Balan, the bus charge broker.

Lazy Vulcanizer

Vulcanizer does nothing

Neighbour down road does nothing - how do they survive?

Lottery the Looter

The perils of the Lottery

Luring Praise

how to buy fish cheaply from Sankaran

Pat Of Paddy

Waterlogged Paddies

Exploiting the owners of Kol Paddy

Petty Business Earns Pretty

More to peanuts than meets the eye!

Small business pays big

Quick-Rich Way

Jabbar gets caught trying to get rich quickly

Razed Vegetable Plants

Ladies lose their crops - no recourse

Ladies grow crops but after they are destroyed, they have no recourse.

Rs 30,000 on Interest Lost a Life

The tragedy of debt

Victim of Blade Mafia takes his life because he cannot ever satisfy debt

Savitha – A Habitual Borrower

Borrowing from loan sharks and how to avoid repayment

Well Paid Pigeon Business

Pigeons and Rate Breeds

‘Shawarma’ Claims a Life

‘Shawarma’ Claims a Life

400 Bad Request

Bad Request

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