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Males Un-reigning Home

Males in the family disappear

The men keep disappearing and nobody knows why.

The family of Khader of Kuttichira in Kozhikode is a subject of talk among literate and illiterate alike in Kuttichira. The talk is centered on the disappearance of males from the family. One day, Moideen Koya, son of Khader left the house to see his pregnant wife staying with her parents. He neither reached there nor returned home. The police on receipt of complaint made elaborate investigation which produced no result. Family members, relatives and neihbours too conducted a thorough investigation. TV and radio flashed the news. All this proved of no avail. Wherever disclaimed bodies were reported verification by the family was done.

The second disappearance was of family head Khader. Two years ago, one day he left the house in casual dress in the morning. Family members thought he might have gone to some friends in the vicinity. He did not return. All exercises as in the case of Moideen Koya were done. Till today his whereabouts are not known nor his body is seen anywhere.

The third instance of disappearance was of Ismail, the son of the daughter of Khader. It was a year ago. He was a muff. He disappeared from the house in an afternoon about 6 months ago. Family members though he might have gone to beach which is close to their house. But till today, no trace of him.

The talk and belief of many in the village is that the house of Khader is ghost-haunted where the males lived could be ever-missing. Mohammed Sheriff, another son of Khader, is the remaining male in te family. The people around believe he might too have the same fate of other males in the family one day.

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