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Mammootty-crazy Head-load Worker

One man's love for Mammootty

Subramannian of Sankarankulangara in Thrissur city is a head-load worker in Sankarankulangara. Cine star Mammootty is his all in all. He worships the photo of Mammootty along with the photos of different gods. He has seen each of the Mammootty film more than two dozens of time. ‘Amaram’ film has been seen 96 times and ‘Thaniyavartanam’ 36 times. If Mammootty film is not shown in Thrissur in the first day of release he will go to the place where it is shown, no matter the distance of place. The day of Mammootty film release he will be on leave from the work. 96 percent of his wage is spent for seeing Mammootty acted films.

He is around 60 and a chronic bachelor. He has no home. He sleeps in the office of CITU affiliated head-load workers in Sankarankulangara. Sharp at 5 am he gets up and walks in the city for about one hour. After bath he performs pooja (adoration) to the photos of gods and Mammootty placed in the head-load workers’ office.

He visits his lonely sister Ramani staying in Pullazhi, outscript of the city, once in a while.

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