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Marching Order from Grandson

Lesson for those, who becoming old

4 cents land owned by an aged man transferred to his son on sweet persuasions and heavenly promises by son and his wife. Except the transferred 4 cents he had no land. On getting the land in his name son built a small RCC house and his parents started living with him. For about two years there was no much harassment from the son and his wife. Lately the scene changed altogether. Children (two boys) of the son were tutored to threaten the aged couple in multi-modes. One day one grandson gave an ultimatum to both to leave the house lest they will be hacked to death. The ultimatum was in the presence of his father and mother. Next morning both left the house. The aged man sheltered nights in a motor shed of a Kole (paddy field waterlogged during monsoon) and day time spent netting fish from the canals. His better half got consent of a neighbour to lay head in a room whenever she comes after doing after-delivery home services to the mother and child in different households.

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