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Over-Lording Wife

A henpecked husband

Sulochana, 55, is a housewife.  Her husband Asokan, 60, has no specific job.  They have two sons and one daughter.  Daughter was married away first.  Elder son has two son kids.  Younger son was married recently.  All pull the days as joint family.

Sulochana has imposed dictator rule in the family.  The husband and children have to obey her order blindly.  Younger son very often used to dissent her autocratic orders.

Courtyard sweeping, dung removal from the stable and utensils wash are the early morning duties assigned to the husband.  Such jobs are normally done in Kerala by female folks.  The poor husband Asokan has no guts to say no to her order as he has had bitter experience of suffering assault from her for saying no.

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