Tales of Village Life

Meet our small, traditional, typical and anonymous Kerala village. Each week our undercover correspondent brings us the latest news and hottest gossip from the community. There is no hint too subtle or nuance too inflected for him not only to hear the story but consider and prognosticate on its significance.

Today, India may be migrating to the city lights, but the beating heart and consciousness of India is still the village with its traditions, superstitions, rivalries, illicit loves and, when push comes to shove, its sense of shared experience and community.

Enjoy our own Kerala tales: they are the face of rural india laid bare!

Curry Leaves Ignite Tension

Ask before taking

How two neighbours fall out over trivia

Firm Resolve Pays Off

Despite hardship, hard work pays off

Hard works pay off to the surprise of his fellow villagers.

Jealous Salam

The truth of jealousy

The village thought he was a kind old gentleman - it turns out to be a little different.

A Church with Godly Powers

Whoever prays in this church gets their wishes fulfilled

A Death Loved Well

Why the panchayat locked a well

A notorious village well is kept locked

A Jealous Pack

Better to lose both eyes if the other loses one!

The curious state of mind of a jealous man.

A Magnanimous Village

Village promises to donate organs after death

Pootharakkal village in Thrissur district is on epoch making

A Prized Buffalo

Saying farewell to a Prized Buffalo

Singhwakhas village in Hissar district of Haryana is decked up to bid a grand farewell to a buffalo named Lakshmi. She is Murrah breed buffalo.

A Temple’s Displeasure Caused Terror

IS the village haunted by an unattended temple

A Village Childhood Reminiscence

The story of Sakeer

Memories of a young boy in the village

Altercations on Ridge Slimming

Annual ridge slimming causes trouble

Each two neighbours fight over the edges of paddy.

Bathing Ghat Rivalry

A washing stone war turns legal!

Bonding in Death

Attachment of Brothers

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