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Quick-Rich Way

Jabbar gets caught trying to get rich quickly

Jabbar, 37, is a house-maid’s only son.  Both were staying in their master’s house as they don't have their own house.  The master’s sons do independent business in a Gulf state.  Jabbar was appointed in one of their shops.  After serving three years he shifted to another shop owned by a same villager named Razak on hiked salary.  Both the shop owners were friends rather because they belonged to a same village.  After Jabbar switched over to Razak both the neighbours were at loggerheads.

Jabbar swindled over two million rupees from Razak’s shop which Razak came to know very late.  When Jabbar came to the village on leave Razak dashed to his home

with a determination to take on Jabbar.  Razak lodged a complaint in the police station following which police took Jabbar into custody.  On interrogation he conceded to the guilt.  As a compromise he assigned the documents deed of his house to Razak to be with Razak till he pays off the entire swindled amount.  Subsequently he was set free by the police.

News has flashed in the village since last few days that Jabbar is in lock-up in Sharjah.  He was caught red-handed when he was handing over a girl to a Sharjah native.  There were two more girls in the car in which he was travelling.  All the three girls were in police custody, but they got released.

Nobody is coming for the help of Jabbar.  He is still counting the grills in the lock-up.  His mother and wife at home, it seemed, is in the dark of the self-created events for becoming rich quick.  Or, are they deliberately acting as unaware?   Heinous minded always receive deserving.  No one is there in the village to sympathize with Jabbar.

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