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Razed Vegetable Plants

Ladies lose their crops - no recourse

Ladies grow crops but after they are destroyed, they have no recourse.

After the paddy harvesting a group of ladies took some land on rent and made vegetable cultivation.  They planted 6 or 7 types of vegetable and all grew well.  After the paddy harvesting there is the practice of releasing the cattle to the paddy field for grazing. The cattle will be brought back in the evening around 6.

A rental rowdy has 4 buffalo calves which will graze in the field till the field is waterlogged after the onset of monsoon. These calves grazed into the cultivation of ladies and destroyed their crops near totally. The ladies kept mum as they cannot or dare not take on the rowdy. If the calves were owned by any others the ladies would have marched into their houses demanding compensation.

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