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Recoils The Self-doing

Thanka's wife reaps what she has sowed.

Thanka‚Äôs wife died at the age of 75 about 18 months ago.  During his fag end of the life he was subjected to lot of humiliation, harassment and starvation by his arrogant wife.  He used to narrate his sufferings at home to the villagers individually.  None could do anything as it was a family matter excepting expressing sympathy with him.  Many had predicted all these will recoil on her once.

The prediction is proving true and the events have re-coiled on her.  Her self-immolation declaration following face-slaps by a daughter-in-law who is putting up with her
was a recent thing.  During the acts of face-slaps his son stood a passive onlooker.  She is reportedly served irregular foods at the whims and wills of the daughter-in-law.  She has no alternative source to depend on.  The daughter-in-law of his eldest son who died recently is living with her two minor children separately where she cannot go as she had given this daughter-law full course of abuse and harsh treatment during joint family life.  One reaps the harvest of self sowing, there is a saying here.

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