Selfish Son

Selfish son is taught a lesson!

Selfish son gets his come-uppance from elder brother

Antony nearing 40 is father of two.  He could not stick to any job though he attempted many and almost all days whiles away the time amongst jobless youngsters around his house.  His hobby is of creating conflicts, sitting behind, among the neighbours and villagers.  If he has grudge against anybody he goes to the extent of tarnishing their reputation.  All his ill-actions recoiled on him recently to the amusement of many.

His elder brother George awarded him a sad surprise recently. Their father was died few years back.  Antony, his wife and two sons are staying with mother in the parental house. He has two brothers – one (elder brother) in a Gulf state and the other stays with family in a rented house at a distant village.  The parental house was remodeled and renovated by the elder brother quite recently.  When he came from the Gulf recently he partitioned the parental property at the behest of mother.  As the entire money was spent by him for the house remodeling and renovation he retained the house with him.  Antony was given 20 cents of land and the other brother 30 cents.  Five married sisters were allotted Rs 50000/- each to be paid by Antony.  

Immediately on hearing the partition details Antony disowned mother and said openly he will not look after mother.  George exploded and said I know you will not look after the mother and attend to sisters when they come to the house to see mother and that is why I retained the house for their own interest.

Almost all the villagers now hate Antony on hearing the news of disowning the mother and no one likes to keep company with him.

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