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Spiders Worshipped in a Temple

'Chilanthi Ambalam'

Believe it or not, the most educated State in India, Kerala has a temple for the worship of spiders. The worshippers’ objective is to get cured of the wounds of spider bites. ‘Prasadam’ (deity blessed eatable item) and ‘theertham’ (deity blessed water) cure the spider bites. Just consume them after worship and cure comes quick. Minimum 50 devotees with spider bite wounds per week come to the temple according the priest in the temple.

1200 years old temple known as ‘chilanthi ambalam’ (spider temple) in local language is located in Pathanamthitta district. The exact location of the temple is1 km east of Kodumon on Ezhamkulam-Kaipattor Road and 10 km from Adoor. The deity of the temple is Vanadurga, the Devi of forests.

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