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Spineless Son

A son ignores woes of elderly mother.

Francis, around 45, is a driver-cum-salesman in Dubai. His salary and overtime income is around Rs 75000/- a month.

His wife forced him to take her with children to stay with him. She was waiting in wing to force him. The death of his father was an opportune time to impose her will. This was a calculated move to isolate her mother-in-law of around 80 at home.

Francis’s father, expired about 6 years back, was a strict discipline enforcer. He never tolerated indiscipline and misbehaving of Francis’ wife whenever she tried to overlord him and his wife as the wife of a lonely son. The daughter-in-law could not pay back during his life time. She was waiting. When he died she decided to strike back at his wife. She harassed her in multi-pronged ways before going to Dubai. Not satisfied with it she forced her husband Francis not to remit cash regularly to his mother. For want of regular remittance the mother-in-law will face hardship to meet the ends though there is alternative income source of coconut which is inconsistent due to shortage of coco-tree climbers which she knows well. Her calculation worked well.

The poor old lady is facing hardship and the son is blind towards her. The irony of the things is that she is alone in a large house.

The villagers altogether feel pity of the son.

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